Here you can download layout templates to help you design your artwork according to our specifications. Please,

also have a look at the general layout instructions. Contact us if you have got any questions.

M4-Card® logo as vector graphics

M4-Card® logo 1-color (.ai, .eps, .pdf)

M4-Card® logo 4-color (.ai, .eps, .pdf)


Design information for creating an M4-Card® layout

General layout instructions


Specifications M4-Card® formats for 3"-CD/DVD (mini standard, 8cm diameter)

M4-Card® DIN A6  (105 x 148mm)

M4-Card® DIN lang  (105 x 210mm)

M4-Card® 360 DIN lang 4-page  (105 x 420mm)

M4-Card® DIN B6  (125 x 176mm)

M4-Card® DIN B6 XL (125 x 235mm)

M4-Card® folding DIN B6 4-page (250 x 176mm)

M4-Card® folding DIN lang 4-page (210 x 210mm)


Specifications M4-Card® Maxi formats for 5"-CD/DVD (standard, 12cm diameter)

M4-Card® Maxi  DIN A5  (148 x 210mm)

M4-Card® Maxi  DIN A5 XL  (148 x 235mm)

M4-Card® Maxi DIN A5 with flap wide (148 x 420mm)


Specifications for CD/DVD layouts with high quality offset print

Mini Standard (3")

8cm CD-Label

8cm DVD-Label

Regular Size (5")

12cm CD-Label

12cm DVD-Label


Specifications for CD/DVD with digital print (small quantity productions)

8cm CD/DVD label digital print

12cm CD/DVD label digital print


All specifications for M4-Card® in a zip-file