New: we improved our protective foil!

After listening to our clients and many M4-Card® users we have realised that there was still potential to improve our product.

While still protecting and fixing the disc to the postcard we have spared the adhesive in the area of the disc and the flap. Now, it is much easier to grasp the flap and to detach the sticker form the card and the disc.

Also, we have given the flap a red coat with an "open here" arrow, making it even easier to find and pull off. Users are even happier, now. So are we.

M4-Card mailing with personalized front- and backside

For a special season's greetings mailing we produced a CD postcard with personalized digital print on both sides. With a paper weight of 300 g/m² and glossy foil lamination on the frontside this postcard meets the quality of offset printed cards. The recipients were individually addressed on each side of the card which allowed a much more personal context. For the embedded mini CD we provided a coherent collection of contemporary christmas music.

This mailing was a big success! Our client was very happy to tell us that this individual M4-Card had the best response of all their christmas mailings, so far. If you would like to know more about personalized M4-Card please contact us.

By the way we can also offer individual disc label print.


M4-Card with a new logo

me4dia introduces the new M4-Card logo. As of now all M4-Card productions can use the new logo. Depending on the colours there are two versions available of the 16 mm times 8 mm logo (1c and 4c version). Both logo versions can be downloaded here.


M4-Card meets Blu-ray Disc

Do you desire a bit more capacity? In may me4dia packed a Blu-ray Disc into a M4-Card Maxi format DIN A5 for Videociety a provider for Video-On-Demand. An indiviudual coupon code was hidden under the Blu-ray Disc offering an additional free (home) cinema experience.

M4-Card in Iggesunds Inspire #34

The latest issue of the international magazine "Inspire" from Iggesund presents the M4-Card as a design packaging product in five languages (German, English, French, Swedish and Chinese).