FSC Mix Certification

Many of our clients wanted to know if our paper is FSC certified. Yes, me4dia started to use FSC paper for standard productions already long time ago. We care about the environmental impact of our product and we are proud to say, that the M4-Card is one of the leanest high quality mailing packagings available. FSC certification means that the used material is produced by responsible forest management. More information about FSC are available here

Christmas Blog

All motifs of our christmas production until now are available in our christmas blog. All cards are  commented and summarized in a gallery. You can find also all designs for christmas 2009 in our blog. Be inspired and send a special christmas card to your family, friends and business partners.

M4-Card with foil lamination

Besides UV glossy finish we now offer foil lamination for the CD postcards of our customers. A very fine, transparent foil (glossy or matte) is applied to the postcard.

The postcard is characterized by a higher tear strength afterwards and the printing seems more brilliant. Furthermore the postcard is becoming more resistant to dirt and water and therefore more durable. Convince yourselves and request a sample!


Many customers fear that Mac users are not able to read, listen to or view the contents of the M4-Card®. There are also limitations to playing Mini CDs in car stereos or similar slot-in-drives.

You can buy this adapter for Mini CDs or DVDs for Mac, car stereo, game consoles and other slot loading devices.

Find it in our online shop!

me4dia introduced on ZDF

A camera crew visited me4dia in december 2008 and a short cinematic portrait of me4dia was produced. You can watch it on ZDFinfo this month at various broadcasting times.

The programme “Wirtschaftswunder” presents information about the company an the CD and DVD postcards we produce.

Watch the movie!