New format DIN A4

In January 2009 we introduced a new product for your advertising. In cooperation with ODR GmbH we produced a brochure for the region "Nordwestmecklenburg". A DVD is integrated into the cover, which presents the region and tourism at the Baltic Sea. Inside the brochure you may find additional information on your holidays at the Baltic Sea.

Strong but easy to remove

Not only our customers expect a high quality product. We in fact attempt to improve our products through constant advancements.

A recent modification was to use a new technique for the adhesive foil with which CD or DVD are attached to the postcard. Hereby the data carrier is fixed to the postcard and protected while it is transported. At the same time it is so easy to remove that you can open the M4-Card® without any difficulty. Therefore handling is made easier for the recipients.

me4dia blogs!

Since this month we publish news about the M4-Card® in our blog. Furthermore the principle of the CD postcard, available formats and refinements are introduced. Comments are always welcome because we count on your opinions!

There is also information in english available on the following website:

me4dia grows!

me4dia is looking for assistance. The graduated engineer for media technologies Andrea Endter is supposed to aid the team. Having worked as a trainee in the firm 3 years ago she knows the firm and the job.

New product! The M4-Card 360

The M4-Card® 360 is a panorama card with CD/DVD and the newest format of the M4-Card® product line. The standard format is 420 x 105mm for a 8cm-CD/DVD. Other formats are also possible, for example with 12cm-CD/DVD (M4-Card® 360 Jumbo).