The M4-Card® consists of a printed cardboard card with an integrated CD or DVD - a postcard with special impression to embed the disc.

A patented process produces a deep impression in the postcard, which also can be felt on the back of the card and into which the disc fits snugly. Our exact-fit-process allows the image on the disc to match up with the motiv of the postcard, creating a uniform picture (see example).

A transparent removable sticker is used to secure the disc during mailing and before the disc is used; the nonsticking red tab on the sticker allows its easy removal. The disc can always be reattached on the soft disc hub that is centered in the embossment of the card.

Since 2002, the Deutsche Post AG has certified the M4-Card® in various formats, making it possible to send the card at favourable postage rates (see Mailing).

Some Advantages of the M4-Card® at a Glance

  • as a design product, it attracts more attention and will be kept much longer than a conventional mailer
  • the disc is immediately visible and tangible
  • appealing and hapticly remarkable, through its impressed shape
  • favourable postage conditions, at postcard rates
  • very low weight, thus environmentally friendly
  • practical, personal and professional
  • ideal link of digital content with a classic direct marketing tool
  • high-quality product with custom formats
  • confidential or surprising information can be printed on the card underneath the disc
  • direct addressing and even full personalization of every single card is possible

3 format samples

Application fields of the M4-Card® in direct marketing and retail

...just let us know directly, what you need and we are happy to find a solution for you!

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