CDs, DVDs and Blu-Rays

The essence of the M4-Card® is the embedded disc, which is available in various sizes and storage capacities, depending on your needs.

For uniform content orders we produce replicated CDs or DVDs and print them in a high-quality 5-colour offset print plus glossy lacquer.

For productions with individual content, we use brand-named CD-Rs and DVD-Rs. Here, we also print the blank discs in high-quality 5-colour offset print starting at only 200 units, with a high printing quality. Smaller batches we offer with high quality, waterproof digital print or luxurious thermo-retransfer print. For very small runs or individual printing we can also offer fine and photo-realistic inkjet print, either standard on matte discs or premium glossy on water shielded recordable discs.

For larger capacity needs, of course, we also offer Blu-Ray Discs (BD) with 25 GB capacity from replicated with offset print to the budget version with matte inkjet print.

It is all about the right type

tab wit disc formats

Discs with 8cm diameter are standard and function in any CD drive. Did you ever notice the inner circle within the CD drawer in your player? One can also use 8cm discs in any drive by fitting the disk into a single-adapter (extends a 8cm Disc / Mini-CD to the size or a regular sized 12cm Disc) to to be able to play them in slot-in drives e.g. in car stereos and MAC computers. If needed, we also offer this Mini-CD adapter.