Printing, Formats and Refining


We print on 330 - 350 g/m² cards, 4-color (CMYK) offest print on both sides. You can choose between paper glossy on one or both sides and addtionional finishes. For single side glossy paper, we provide glossy cellophane lamination on the front as a standard.

Duo glossy paper in contrast can be refined with UV-gloss on each side, expecially when this is used partially to highlight special elements of the design.

Standard Formats/Special Formats

We produce the M4-Card® in several standard formats. Among them are DIN A6, B6 and lang for 3"-CD/DVD and the M4-Card® Maxi for standard 5"-CD/DVD. For both disc sizes we also offer greeting cards in various formats. Here you can download layout templates. We can also create larger folders with emedded disc.

For US clients we also produce  5 x 7 Cards (12,7 x 17,8 cm) and 4 x 6 Cards (10,2 x 15,2 cm). Additional formats (e.g. square formats) and corresponding templates for these are available upon request.

examples and measures of discpostcard formats


Each of our CD-/DVD postcards receives a special, deep impression into which the CD or DVD is embedded. This impression, or embossing, also produces a remarkable shape on the reverse of the card and gives the M4-Card® its unique design. The front appears seamless, thanks to our exact-fit-process placing the disc exactly in the motif of the card.

Disc Holder

The disc is held in place by a soft disc hub in the centre of the impression in the postcard. It is designed to keep the disc in place even after many uses. We can also produce the M4-Card® without the disc holder, if you prefer. Optionally, we offer these in different colours. Generally, we have white and black holders in stock.

Transparent Sticker

A glossy, transparent sticker fixes the CD or DVD in place, and protects it. To remove the disc you simply pull the red tab of the sticker and peel it off the card. The packaging remains intact, unlike a torn envelope that is immediately rendered useless. Even after the film is removed, the disc can be put back onto the disc holder and taken off again repeatedly.


Special Colours and Cellophane Lamination

Each surface can be printed with up to six colours at a time. Above and beyond the usual CMYK-colours, we can offer optional and special colours such as Pantone or HKS, refining the image and providing special accents.

For an extra glossy and durable surface of the card, we are offering a scratchproof Cellophane lamination which is even more durable than UV coating. This surface finishing gives the card an even classier appearance, and helps protect it from the elements. Special effects may be achieved through partial UV coating, also called spot coating, particularly combined with special inks or metal flakes.


Hot foil embossment can enhance your product still further. Here, lettering or objects are printed on the card blind (without foil), in gold, silver or other colours (example).

Solutions for Retail and Marketing

Cellophane Packaging

If you wish to offer your CD- or DVD-postcard for sale, we can also package your cards in cellophane pockets. They come in various formats. Most popular is the version with a backing and Euro-perrforation for display system hangers. You receive a high-quality product for sale, nicely packaged and protected from moisture and other potential contaminants (example).

Direct Mailing

We are happy to take over this task, too. Send us your address list and we will take care of direct printing of addresses and mailing at optimal postage rates.

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