In order to produce your M4-Card® we need the printing data for the postcard and for the CD/DVD-label as well as a master (CD-R/DVD-R) for the content. You may download specifications for various standard formats of the M4-Card® from the download area, for help in preparing your original. We will gladly create an individual template for you, if you have a special format. For content with audio we also need a copy of your GEMA application (for reproduction rights).

Delivery Time

For the production of 200-50,000 pieces we need 2-4 weeks. Delivery is free within Germany. For the production of more than 50,000 pieces, we will always consult with you about the delivery time, including the possibilities of faster delivery or delivery in stages.

One-Stop Shopping

Depending on your intended application of the M4-Card® we can handle all Lettershop Services for you, including the addressing and delivery of the cards to the postal service for domestic as well as international mailing. This enables you to profit from our favourable price conditions. We also offer Cellophane packaging, with or without Europerforation, for retail use.

Design and Content

We are happy to support you in the conception and design of your M4-Card®, drawing on our many years of experience. That includes preparation of the model according to your specifications, and production of content. For an attractive price we can take care of everything, from the preparation of film, music, animation, graphics or text, to programming your CD/DVD and authoring your SVCDs and DVDs.

CD, DVD and blu-ray Productions and Standard Packaging

We can be your partner - not only for the M4-Card® but also in the production of your CD, DVD or blu-ray. If you need packaging of higher quality at an attractive price for CDs, DVDs or blu-rays, please let us know. Our range of options extends from the cardboard envelope up to the Media Book.