Disc Content

Depending on your goals, the M4-Card® can contain music, videos, 360° images, animation, presentations, catalogues or simply data. If you do not have the content you need, or if it still needs to be prepared, we can help you in the development of concept, design and implementation. That includes licensing of original music or cover songs, production of film, music, animation, graphics and text, but also the programming of your CD/DVD and the authoring of DVD- and SVCD-films.




Content for CDs, DVDs and other digital media like USB-Sticks

Ask us about:

  • menu, integration of film and auto-booting function
  • virtual tours with 360° photos at a package price
  • original music, cover songs or audio books, including GEMA licensing
  • music synchronization in various languages
  • film production, including DVD menu preparation
  • 3D models of objects, rooms, buildings and locations


We offer you the possibility to use famous original titles, such as Naturally7 ("Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas", "Joy to the World") and a very large repository of cover songs. We will pick the best music to fit your needs and budget. Perhaps you want to send Christmas songs as an Advent greeting to your business associates ("Weihnachtsrepertoire"), your classy greeting will stand out from the masses of holiday cards and gimmicks. You’d like to send a personal birthday greeting to your clients? Surprise them with a cover of Stevie Wonder's "Happy Birthday" (Music Player) and avoid extra postage (it's cheaper than a letter!), extra writing and packagings.

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Audio Books

Audio books are getting more popular these days. We work with many publishers and can offer audio books for various occasions. For example, for Christmas, we offer the audio book of German version of Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol".

Film Production

Need an image or product video to enhance the emotional appeal of your product? How about presenting a video greeting from your chief executive before introducing the product catalogue? Business is also personal. So why not make a personal presentation?! We can assist you in the preparation of the video, thanks to our film-production experience. In addition, we can help arranging its broadcast on TV stations at favourable prices. You will receive films in the established television format, thus in the highest technical quality.

Panorama Tours

We offer our interactive 360° panoramic image tours as a special service. "Look around" a scene as if you were really there, and enter additional panoramas by clicking on active points within the scene. Unlike in films, you can determine the order in which you look at images, the length of time you spend there, and your standpoint: a much more intensive experience at a reasonable price. Tours can include text, photos, music, video clips and Internet links. And it is not only the tourism and hotel industries that are keen on this kind of interactive presentation format. Download a demo-version here. More demos can be found in the download area.

3D Model

The 3D model offers more new perspectives. One can play with individual objects, turning them around and viewing them from all sides - in photo quality. Virtual exhibitions can be created. Our 3D-maps are especially useful in presentations for the tourism industry. They can depict, for example, a city or a shopping centre true to scale, and the user can "move" within this scene and gather additional information, videos or links to Internet sites.