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AHESIS publication information CD
AHESIS publication information CD

Keep it simple and short if you want to convey complex information. This you will keep in mind

if the name of the the project needs an abbreviation consisting only of initial letters:

Aligning a European Higher Education Structure in Sport Science = AEHESIS

In order to promote the project and explain its nature to interested and concerned parties this principle is very helpful.

In science fancy print outs and too much waste around the information is rather less respected. So it was a wise decission to use a professional, nice looking, yet minimal tool for this promotion. Handy and clearly showing what is to be expected -

professional information on the topic. The M4-Card as a packaging helps archieving the respect for the content AND the professionality of its promotion. And for sure this hand out will be saved musch longer than a conventional paper copy even if it is just for the nice format. Mini CD and postcard that could even be designed for inexpensive maling as a postcard. Spread the word!


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